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Sinon Sword Art Online GGO Wallpaper by alekSparx
Sinon Sword Art Online GGO Wallpaper
kinda got bored again and it is 3am so I wanted to make another wallpaper of SOA ~
from what I could see all the sinon wallpapers are all badass and stuff but there wasn't any sincere soft ones of her!
I think this captures her rl self but still keeps her badassery side from GGO, enjoy :la:
respect to all da renderererers, u da tru champs ~

My other SOA Wallpaper

Sword Art Online Wallpaper
 <da:thumb id="497483897">

made in photoshop cs4
Sword Art Online Wallpaper by alekSparx
Sword Art Online Wallpaper
hey hey :la:
been watching a lot of SOA lately and well, I really enjoy the series and wanted to create a wallpaper for myself.
hope you enjoy the wallpaper ~

credits to them artists for the renders and stuff, ur da heroes :dummy:

My other SOA Wallpaper
<da:thumb id="497721484">

made in photoshop cs4
Portal by taenaron
:bulletyellow: Vision :bulletyellow:
I personally believe you have succeeded in delivering a very nice themed idea to a genre that has long awaited new ideas such as this.

:bulletblue: Originality :bulletblue:
Although originality is extremely difficult to come across in the space landscape world you have pulled it off by adding in the portal, perspective choices, lighting and choice of nebula back drop behind the earth.

:bulletpink: Technique :bulletpink:
This piece is absolutely great technique wise, I enjoyed seeing your perspective choices and the blurred foreground. You have succeeded in blending everything together nicely with shadows, lights and hues with nothing standing out as being un-realistic which is always a treat to see in artworks like this.
The only technique critiques I can really give is the portal frame itself looks a bit too much on the un-realism side as opposed to the rest of the space mountains/planets/surface which is on the realism side of the scale. Although this is minor it's just something to think about for the future.

:bulletred: Impact :bulletred:
What can I say that hasn't been said? Oh, the fact that I never do critiques and stopped to write all this is self-explanatory enough! You know you have succeeded at impacting when you stop people on the internet.

Overall this is a great wallpaper that should be a must-use to all the space/sci-fi/pretty landscape fans.

Good job taenaron, keep up the great work!
*waves to everybody and says hello*
It has been a long time since I have written anything or even uploaded anything to deviantArt. After all these years doing designs and enjoying myself I guess the spark went away during some moment in my life and whenever I tried to make something I just couldn't. Things change for the better, I still have mass interest in doing wallpapers and creating photo-manipulations but the mood is rare.

I want to apologise to all the new followers and people who comment on my work (also notes), I read every single message that I get but yet I still feel that I can't reply for some reason. The only thing I really do on deviantArt nowadays is manage my groups for the people who who upload their artworks to them. It kinda sucks saying all this and how drastic my life has changed in just 18 months but as soon as it was going up it fell to rock bottom and I couldn't pick myself up to do anything, I fell so hard that I lost interest just when I was enjoying myself and starting to become happy with everything I was uploading and actually making so many new lovely friends on deviantArt.

To be honest I wish I could just pick up photoshop and just create amazing things but I can't, I will sometime in the future just for the fun of it but in reality I doubt it. It's a slight possibility. I am actually doing an advertisement course now which requires me to do some design units so who knows, something good might come out of it.

Really don't know what else to say so just remember I read everything, I am not a person who ignores people I just can't find myself to respond because something stops me. Weird I know, I am aware of everything that goes on my deviantArt so don't worry about that either.

Keep dreaming because no one can take away your dreams, a quote that I have engraved into my mind because whenever I think of the future I see myself living my ambitions and my dreams... my life goals. The only person who could stop you is you. Never listen to other people trying to put you down because they'll never know or understand, you do what you do and keep the tunnel vision and I promise you your life will be better and filled with much more joy. If you happen to find someone you love my advice is to never get too involved because if that person decides to randomly exit one day you'll find yourself in some deep freezing waters. The best of us go through struggles because there's always a chest sitting at the end with rewards. If you feel pain just remember without pain there is no learning and without learning there is no development for a better you. 
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An individual with dreams and ambitions so large scale it's almost impossible to comprehend and understand.

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